Sunday, 4 January 2015

A bit of Southern inspired cooking... in Australia

So I absolutely love the idea of Southern food. I trawl through pinterest looking at Southern inspired recipes, salivating over the delicious artery-clogging food.

One of my good friends is from the south (Pensacola, Florida) and I absolutely love hearing her describe all the lovely food that she has grown up on. Surprisingly, she is very thin! (I would be severely obese if I was to relocate!).

Her mother was over last year and bought a suitcase full of jars, bottles and sachets of all things delicious. I was very happy to accept the offer to come over for a "Southern" breakfast one morning.
After a cup of sweet tea (I didn't want to know how much sugar was in it), I was served some delicious French toast(?) which had been seasoned with some kind of yummy sugar, drizzled in calorie laden syrup. Ah-mazing.

I am always on the lookout for recipes to make, but it is made hard by not having a lot of the ingredients available here in Australia. So imagine my glee when I was shopping at Harris Farm Market and found a stand of Sweet Baby Ray's Gourmet Sauce.
Yoink. I threw a bottle into my trolley and sped home (ok, I finished my shopping and drove home adhering to the speed limit).
After perusing Pinterest and Google for some recipes, I found a few for a slow cooked style BBQ chicken. I decided to slightly take a pinch from one recipe, a pinch from another recipe and a pinch of my friends thoughts, and managed to produce some delicious chicken for dinner which was No fuss, cheap and required no heavy duty cleaning.

Delicious Southern BBQ chicken Adapted by an Aussie*
*I am in NO WAY saying this tasted anything like Southern cooking (because I have no comparison) but enjoyed making it into my own :)

Firstly place two chicken breast into the slow cooker 'bowl'. Of course, defrosted. No need to slice or pre-cook.
Season with salt and pepper. Just enough to lightly coat
Mix, in a separate bowl, 1 cup of BBQ sauce, 1/2 cup Italian salad dressing, and 1 tsp worstershire sauce. I used "Sweet Baby Rays hickory and brown sugar BBQ sauce".
Coat chicken breast with mixture. Ensure that both breasts' are covered well
Cook on LOW for 7-8 hours. Every few hours, I gave it all a bit of a 'mix'.
Shred chicken with fork



We enjoyed the piping hot chicken on fresh rolls with some crunchy coleslaw. Accompanied by home grown sweetcorn and butter.
We also had lots leftover for lunches.
Quick, easy, and absolutely delicious. A must-try!
Love Bettie xx

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