Friday, 2 January 2015

Visiting the beach as a pale gal with lotsa freckles

Living in this gorgeous beachside suburb with the same name as a large lake bird, a lovely swim is only a 3 minute drive away (for the beach), or a 3 minute walk (for a swimmable part of Lake Macquarie). We are truly blessed to live here.
Which brings me to my next point being sun smart. I have extremely pale freckly skin, and as much as I would love (and love to think I can) to get a lovely tan, I can't. And I have tried. 
On a recent trip to Hawaii, I was thrilled to see that they had actual sun tan oil in the ABC shops (those who have visited Hawaii would know all about these shops). I squealed and put it in my basket. About 1/12th of a second later I heard some laughing and looked up to see Mr Bettie shaking his head at me. "No no no". 
And he was right. I. do. not. tan.
I do however turn a bright shade of red, and become extremely more freckly. Nothing sexier.
Here I am. Sans makeup. Sans filter. In all my pale freckly glory.
I really enjoy going to the beach to swim and relax. So I have to be smart about it.
Especially since my Nan passed away from melanoma when she was only in her early 40's, and unfortunately I don't remember her.
I have been burnt so badly I have blistered and peeled. And I am sure that every Australian can say the same. There is nothing more Australian than going to the beach and running across the boiling hot sand to the water. Then floundering around in the surf, with the occasional dunk from a wave causing you to choke on the salt-water. Sounds bliss, doesn't it. Oh and of course the 'easy' lunch of hot chips with chicken salt and tomato sauce still in your wet swimmers. Bliss.
Not so bliss that night when you are literally on fire. Gone are those days.
These days I am smart about it. Here are my products that I use to protect myself from getting burnt.

QV day cream with SPF 30+.
This is very cheap and lovely and thick, and lovely on my sensitive skin

I love this Neutrogena sunscreen, as it is a fine mist spray which is easy to apply
A beautiful Kaftan-style cover up to feel like a goddess and to hide flabby bits when walking to destination spot on beach. Also helpful for popping to the shops on the way home from said beach (secretly jealous of those gorgeous people who walk around the shops in bikini)

What a sight- on the way to the beach. Note the ship on the horizon. You know you are near the ocean in Newcastle/Lake Macquarie when you see these lining up

Beautiful. Stunning. Struggling to take picture whilst carrying beach chair, bag, umbrella

I love the plants and trees around the water. I don't know how to put sounds on this blog, but picture this tree with the sound of crickets and a fly buzzing in your ear. How Australian is that hey!

My set up! I do love stripes. Umbrella complete with some kind of mark on it (presumably bird poop).

Hi there! Enjoying the beach I am.

Hat- from Santa Claus. Sunglasses- Fendi (purchased in Venice after one bottle of champagne during gondola ride. I'll be wearing these until I am 87).
So my must haves include big hat, sunscreen, big sunglasses, umbrella, cold water, and swimmers (cozzies, swimsuit, bathers). Confidence (to wear the bikini on the beach), and a book!
Reapply sunscreen every hour.
Feel good about yourself in your bikini ........ until a real life barbie and ken camp up right next to you.

Now home on the lounge, with the air conditioner on watching Puberty Blues. My favourite movie of all time. If you haven't gotten to watch this movie, it is a must see.


Love Bettie xx

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