Friday, 9 January 2015

Nails, nails, nails

I used to bite my nails. I used to bite them until they hurt and they bled. And  now I don't.

I kicked the habit about a year ago now because I was so sick of not being able to wear beautiful polishes and lovely rings. I can't even remember what I did to stop. I am pretty sure I just stopped and it got easier not to bite them as they grew because they started to look so lovely.

The only problem is, I have very weak nails. I don't know whether it is from years of biting, or having to wash my hands continuously at work, or from the nail bars I frequented that would grind my nails down. Yes, I once had a lady pull out what I could only describe as a grinder and grind my nails (not the ends, the whole nail).

I am a bit of a sceptic about those nail bars now, mostly since I have been going to a lady who is an absolute legend at nails. She uses disposable files and buffers, and never cuts my cuticles (I once had a lady at a nail bar who cut my cuticles until they bled.. that story is for another day).

Yes, it does cost a little tiny bit more but it is worth every cent.

My nails (photo credit bellamiabody)

My nails have not been healthier and stronger since going to a certified nail technician. No bleeding, no rush, no trauma to my nails and clean tools.
I think you pay for what you get, and if you want your nails done properly, go and see someone with qualifications.
I personally won't be going back to a nail bar.
Love Bettie xx

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