Friday, 2 January 2015

DIY terrarium (maintenance free)

So, I am a biiiig browser of homewares blogs, and like to source ideas for DIY home furnishings, decorations etc. I have always wanted to make my own terrarium (which is pronounced terra-ree-um, not ter-rar-ri-um as I was pronouncing it). I was a bit put off though by all the materials needed, the cost, and the (low) maintenance.. because I know that it would most likely end up 'breaking' or dying. Anyway, I got a beautiful large glass jar for Christmas from Mummy Bettie, and was stumped as what to do with it. Then like a light globe moment "EUREKA" I can make myself a terrarium..
Fast forward to a week or so after Christmas and this little brainwave hadn't yet gotten started.. mostly due to cost (I am a tight ass).
So here I was, browsing through K-Mart looking for things to spend Mr Bettie's gift card from his work (bloody coal mine) and I came across some REDUCED fake plant-things. AHA!!!! My terrarium! I could somehow do this!

I purchased the said plant-decoration things, along with some polished stones (the lot set the gift card back around $13 or so) and I rushed home to start on my project

Step 1 Gather your materials
Stones, jar, artificial succulents (these succulents were 'embedded' in a small dish full of that lovely spongy stuff that flowers come in. They were easy to just reef out for my purposes. Sorry, I didn't get a picture of the original, but I am sure that K-Mart has many more available)

 Step 2 Gently place stones into jar
Easy, right? I only purchased one bag but I think that two bags would have been better. Be careful with these stones as they can easily chip your beautiful jar... and leave scratches on your white furniture...
Step 3 Position your succulents
The fun part! You can't stuff it up. Try to hide the wires that the plants are attached to, for the obvious reasons

Step 3 Admire your beautiful terrarium

So easy and there is NO UPKEEP. No watering/spraying and it looks very realistic. And all for the fraction of the cost of a real-life terrarium.
But, if the real life one is your life goal, pinterest have lots of tutorials on how to.
Love Bettie xx

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