Friday, 2 January 2015

My first ever blog post

How to start? What to write? What will this blog even entail?
I guess whatever I want, as it is my blog. Will anyone even be interested? Perhaps, yes. But if not, what have I lost.
I don’t find myself as entirely interesting. I am a girl (obviously), OR should I say I am a woman. I hate that term. I am a “woo-man”. Like a feminist. Feminists ey.. I prefer a brazillian wax, to wear a bra and think that I should cook and my boyfriend should take out the trash.
I am I suppose what some people would call successful. What defines success? Wealth? Health? Happiness?

I graduated from Newcastle University when I was 20-and-a-half with a Bachelor of Nursing. I wanted to be a primary school teacher, but didn’t get the marks. My plan was to get into something ‘easy’ and transfer over. I never did. And I would never say the Bachelor of Nursing was ‘easy’ either. Perhaps that it was because I was only 17-and-a-half when I started? And was mostly interested in drinking, and hanging out with my then emotional-abusive boyfriend. And have absolutely no idea what I wanted in life. That just seems like yesterday, except it feels like a very long time ago if you know what I mean.

I have been working at a large trauma referral hospital in Newcastle as a Registered Nurse for coming up to my 8th year. I am 26 and a half. And I am a bloody good nurse. I am caring, and passionate. I am honest and a patient advocate. I have days where I want to throw it all in, but what else would I do? Nursing is what I have been made to do.

I live in a quiet lake/beachside town that has the name of a coastal bird. It is bliss. We have horrible shaggy carpet that makes me feel itchy, and has to be vacuumed all the time (but doesn’t as much as it should).

I am on Lexapro. Lexapro is a medication used to treat anxiety and depression. I have anxiety which in turn made me depressed. It made me depressed because I felt so anxious and worried all the time, it caused me to become depressed. “But you are so happy all the time Bettie” (pseudonym). I have been on this for coming up to 5 years, and I am doing very well at the moment.

I have some endometriosis. I have had two laparoscopic surgeries for it.

I am not perfect, and have many many flaws. I hope to update this blog regularly with whatever inspires me.
Introducing myself. The one in the stripes. Always in stripes. Taken NYE 2014.

Happy New Year all

Love Bettie xx

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